Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Vulcano print.
Here is a German engraved image of Vulcano from about 1880.  Many times I buy these as much for the images of the ship as for the island in the background.  It seems that many of the ships I try to research for this site have regional variations. You can find a Marticane, a Bovo or a Paranza  for the Adriatic, for the Tyrhennian, for Venice or Genoa as well as other countries.  So, it is always good to see the images of the ships along with the image of the island, so we will know a bit more about the local ships' variations, if any. 
However, in this case, I think that the image is really stunning.  Do not get me wrong, there are a number of beautiful pictures of the islands, and I have been privileged to own them, but this one is a real stunner.  Of course its shape may have something to do with the beauty and drama.  Unfortunately, it is tiny in real life.  This is probably the best possible way to view it, as you can click on it and print or view it better by zooming in.
The Island of Vulcano is not as desolate as it seems in the print.  It has plenty of vegetation and animals and people.  However, due to its eruptive history, many people have not chosen to live there.  It has wonderful hiking trails, and is a source of great finds for mineralogists, id you are into volcanic minerals that is. 
There was a fine house owned by an English gentleman on the island at one time, but  rather sizeable eruption scared him and most others off some time ago.  Property is available for sale here, and(for some unknown reason) it is fairly cheap.  The islands can be a very expensive place to live, both because of the property prices and the practical issues of transportation for daily consumed goods and supplies. 

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