Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fille Liparotte
It is strange how I come by these pieces sometimes.  Here is a picture from the year 1780, printed a few years before Napoleon started to take over Italy and threaten our area.  It is in French and simply says: "Girl of Lipari, or Lipari Girl".  I purchased it in Germany and now it is in the US.  Such travels!  Pretty hot colors, don't you think?
Notice the texture of the "Laid" paper that is so typical of the 18th century and the rectangular "Plate Mark" that surrounds the image.  This paper was probably made from cotton rag fiber.  This was probably engraved or etched on a copper plate, ink was rubbed into the scratches, wiped off then printed in a hand press.  The colors were probably hand painted with watercolor. As you can see, the custom of covering the hair is not restricted to the Muslim world even in such a hot climate.  Modesty was greatly valued, and we do have some Muslim heritage even though it is pretty far back.

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